Fall Baking- It’s Still Possible

It’s fall and for me that means a girl’s gotta bake! Here’s a delicious gluten and dairy-free Pumpkin Loaf that will satisfy all your pumpkin-spice needs.


Grilled Tilapia with Mango & Peach Salsa

Since we’re on the topic of grilled fruit, it seemed appropriate to post a recipe that makes one¬†quick and delicious summer meal. So prepare those foil packets and fire up the grill, it’s time for grilled tilapia with a mango peach salsa! Ingredients: For the Salsa- 1 Mango 1 Peach 3 Pineapple Rings (optional) 1/2…

My Favorite Grilled Fruits!

We are the type of people who throw absolutely everything on the grill, from your usual suspects to delicious grilled pizzas, to herbs for summer cocktails. So, I thought I would share some of my favorite fruits to grill up for some summer snacking! Whether you skewer them or enjoy them for dessert, these are…

The Diet Plan

The decision to begin an elimination diet was not one that I made lightly. I knew that if I were going to do this, I had to be very prepared because I wanted to do the most strict diet I could in order to really pinpoint any food allergies or sensitivities I might have. I…

Turkey Breakfast Sausage & Sweet Potato Hash Browns

This is a breakfast that I will DEFINITELY be making more of even after I’m done with the elimination diet. It’s a great Sunday morning breakfast that’s enjoyable for the whole family. Clean, minimal ingredients and simple steps make it a fav. Not to mention- it is sooooo good. The first time I made this, I was worried that the turkey sausage patties would be really lacking flavor and I would wish I had some maple syrup. That wasn’t at all the case and needless to say, I’ve made this two Sundays in a row plus enjoyed the leftovers on weekdays.

Choosing a Spiralizer!

I decided that a spiralizer was not only an awesome tool to have in the kitchen, but something that was pretty much necessary for this diet. I obviously can’t have any pasta or gluten free replacements for pasta, so this seemed like something I would get plenty of use from in just these few weeks, not to mention beyond.